Whether you’re recovering from a surgery, injury or an illness, or you just need help with everyday tasks as you age, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) can allow you to get on with your life. Sometimes you may need to have DME to help you move around the community or at home, handle a condition, or to simply manage your day-to-day. To help our patients recover faster and keep them more comfortable, Northern Arizona Orthopaedics (NAO) provides DME on-site. Conveniently located in the Summit Center, DME consist of products such as walkers, crutches, orthopedics shoes and walking boots, slings, and braces that aid in the recovery of NAO patients and protect them from further injury. Once you receive a prescription from one of the NAO providers for DME, we can provide same-day service and supply you with what you need.

Our DME service to you as an NAO patient:

  • Provide products such as walkers, crutches, orthopedics shoes and walking boots, slings, and braces, with a prescription order
  • Provide custom-fabricated knee braces and foot orthotics, with a prescription order
  • We can obtain prior authorization from your insurance company
  • We can provide you with a cost estimate
  • We will bill your insurance for you
  • Many private, commercial, and employer insurance policies will cover the costs of DME. For those that do not, we can help you navigate the available options to pay for it.

DME has a specialized team ready to help give you a perfect, customized fit for your specific equipment.

Additional Information

For more information, contact our DME specialist, Belinda, ATC, at 928-213-4914. Belinda is a certified and licensed athletic trainer, who specializes in DME. An NAU graduate, Belinda has worked in Flagstaff healthcare for 18 years, and is very involved in the sporting community. She has had extensive training and many years of experience in the fitting of orthotics. She has strong knowledge in the health insurance system, and can help patients receive the DME that they need.

Belinda Donahoe