The Spine and Pain Center at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics is your one-stop-shop for diagnosing, treating and caring for pain, disorders, and conditions of the back and neck. We understand how these conditions can affect your entire life. The team will aim to investigate and diagnose your condition, get the answers quickly and start a treatment plan right for you. The Spine and Pain Center offers complete diagnostic services and a variety of treatments including spine (lumbar) disc replacement, spinal lumbar fusion, and minimally invasive (small incisions) surgery.

Our Spine and Pain Center team consists of board-certified, fellowship trained surgeons, board certified physiatrists and Advanced Professional Providers (APP). The team provides treatment plans designed specifically to fit your unique needs – because spine pain is as individualized as you are.

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Spine Surgery

Most spine-related injuries and disorders can be effectively treated without surgery, often times through interventional (non-surgical) Pain care.  If surgery is needed, today’s surgical procedures are much less invasive and patients recover faster. Our surgeons use methods that will reduce trauma to the tissues, reduce pain, provide quicker recovery times and allow for a faster return to work or activities.

Spine and Pain Center Medical Team

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Michelle Boyer, PA-C

Stephen Randazzo, N.P.

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Allan Such, PA-C