The demand for spine care has never been greater.  Low back pain remains one of the top-five reasons patients go to the emergency room and is a major contributor to lost work days.

At the Spine and Pain Center, we are much more than your typical back pain clinic. We are a regional leader in advanced spine health for those really needing a higher level of care. A team of trusted doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, and spine specialists will investigate and diagnose your condition, find answers for you, and help you navigate your treatment options such as physical therapy, injections, medication plans, or minimally invasive spine surgeries. The Spine and Pain Center designs treatment plans specifically to fit your unique needs – because spine pain is as individualized as you are.

Spine Surgery

This team provides care for patients with conditions such as stenosis, arthritis, disc problems, compression fractures, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and other debilitating problems of the spine. Surgery is always the last option after other therapies are exhausted. If it’s needed, our surgeons are skilled in a variety of surgical treatments including spine (lumbar) disc replacement, spinal lumbar fusion, and minimally invasive (small incisions) surgeries.

Surgical Spine Care Team:

Non-surgical Spine Care
Physiatry (PMR)

The non-surgical spine care team treats patients who need extra attention pinpointing the source of their pain, usually by focusing on the nerves. PMR is short for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a sub-specialty focused on treating a wide range of nerve and muscle conditions, injuries, illnesses and disorders, including pain management. The medical team accurately pinpoints the cause of the pain then determines a treatment plan with therapies to restore function and quality of life. The goal is to decrease pain and improve performance, without surgery.

Non-surgical Spine Care team:

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy, often offered by both surgical and non-surgical teams, can be prescribed for diagnostic (investigating the problem) and therapeutic (treating the problem) reasons. If your symptoms respond well to injection therapy, our doctors can learn additional information that may help determine whether you are a surgical candidate, and can confirm where in the spine your pain symptoms are coming from. This is crucial information for our teams. Patients appreciate the convenience of our Injection Therapy, because they are done in-house, eliminating the need of having to wait weeks to receive pain-relieving injections. Usually, patients receive injection therapy same day or next day, helping with a fast recovery and return to activity. This shortens the time off work, and lessens the risk of further deconditioning. The Northern Arizona Orthopaedics Spine and Pain Center has a nationally accredited EMG laboratory with Exemplary Status from the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM).AANEM

Pain Wellness Clinic

This pain clinic within the Spine and Pain Center, is designed for those living with chronic pain who are motivated by self-care and interested in all available treatments beyond medication therapy. We understand that pain is much more than just a physical sensation. It’s a holistic condition, which affects the whole person, mentally, behaviorally and spiritually, too. Our services focus on a comprehensive approach to pain management.

  • Our patients are motivated to improve quality of life and function
  • Our patients are motivated to practice self-care and wellness
  • Our patients want to avoid 100-percent reliance on opioid medications to manage their pain
  • Our pain specialist will discuss requirements with you in detail, before any care plan is agreed upon

Pain Wellness Clinic specialist:

To make an appointment in the Spine and Pain Center, the Pain Wellness Clinic or with any of the providers listed above, please call 928-774-7757.

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