Now Hiring Full-Time Appointment Scheduler

Our schedulers are often the first person they talk with at our practice – a very important role in the Patient Experience! 

General Summary: Northern Arizona Orthopaedics is an independent, physician-owned practice with 80+ employees, 11 physicians and 4 locations throughout Northern Arizona. Our hallmark is our amazing people and their passionate, unified efforts to deliver exceptional orthopaedic and spine care to our communities.

Job: Appointment Scheduler

Job Goals:  1.) To ensure an excellent experience for every person calling to inquire about our practice, our doctors or their specific injury/condition. If they choose NAO for their care, your job is help them secure an appointment with us. 2.) To ensure appointments are made accurately, in a professional, helpful and effective conversation-like style. 3.) Work with an integrated team to facilitate optimized patient flow through each step of scheduling and registration. 4.) Have fun.

Duties and Responsibilities to include:

  1. Answer phone calls to the NAO scheduling line and assist/service callers as needed
  2. Provide prompt, professional and reliable customer service for all phone requests
  3. Respond to and schedule all email/portal/website appointment requests
  4. Assist patients and referring providers with scheduling patients in NAO’s Clinics
  5. Assist the in-house Referral Coordinator and Prior Authorization Specialists, as required
  6. Ensure proper patient information is obtained at time of scheduling (detailed/accurate data entry)
  7. Verify all patient information for established patients
  8. Send out proper intake documents to the patients prior to their appointments
  9. Provide coverage for other members of the Patient Care Team as needed
  10. Act as patient advocate and an ambassador of Northern Arizona Orthopaedics

Education: High school diploma

Experience: Minimum one year of customer service experience, preferably in a medical practice setting

Performance Requirements:


  1. Knowledge of medical practice protocols related to scheduling appointments
  2. Knowledge of manual/computerized scheduling systems
  3. Knowledge of customer service principles and techniques
  4. Knowledge of insurance and benefits


  1. Skill in communicating effectively with physicians/clinicians about scheduling preferences
  2. Skill in maintaining master appointment schedule via computer
  3. Communication skills that come naturally and fluidly – conversational in nature


  1. Ability to multitask effectively, dealing with phone calls, in-office patients, staff, and others pleasantly
  2. Ability to communicate professionally and clearly with a culturally and demographically diverse spectrum of caller types

Mental/Physical Requirements: Mostly sedentary with some standing, walking and reaching. Periodic stress from handling many calls and patient requests.

Please submit resume to or fax to 928-226-3080