Is Frozen Shoulder in the Winter Forecast?

By Scott Gibson, DO, Orthopaedic Shoulder and Sports Surgeon A frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, may be a cause of your shoulder pain. It usually occurs slowly over time, and it can limit the functional use of your arm. Contrary to its name (and fortunately for Flagstaffians) snow and ice have nothing to do with a frozen shoulder! When you have a frozen shoulder, shoulder pain and tightness make it difficult to reach overhead to perform simple activities like putting away dishes or combing your hair. Men might have a hard time reaching into their back pocket to grab their wallet. Women may have difficulty reaching behind their back to fasten a bra. Putting on a belt may Read More

Getting Your Body Ready for Winter Sports

By: Joel Rohrbough, MD, Sports Medicine orthopaedic surgeon With Snowbowl now in full swing, skiing and snowboarding are on the minds of many of us in northern Arizona. If you are in this category, you know how you feel at the end of the season – your musculoskeletal health is in excellent shape. However, that usually isn’t always the case at the very start of a ski season. It’s always best to dedicate some time to ensuring your muscles, joints, ligaments and cardiovascular system are prepared for an injury-free season ahead. Skiing and snowboarding demand immense balance, coordination and stamina. If you are hoping to get off the “green circle” easy runs, you must take on more risk and chance Read More

Meet our provider, Kim Sargent, PA-C!

Kim Sargent, PA-C, has been a Physician Assistant for more than 17 years and Northern Arizona Orthopaedics is lucky to have her on our expert team of quality providers. Kim has a vast knowledge of medicine and is skilled in both orthopaedics and spine care. Currently, she provides specialized care in the Hand Cente,r and the Spine and Pain Center, inside the Summit Center. HOMETOWN?  I grew up in Oregon. Most of my childhood was spent in Bend, LaGrande and Colton. BUCKET LIST ITEM? I would like to ride a dual sport bike the length of South America. FAVORITE QUOTE? “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we Read More

Public Lecture in Prescott Valley, Jan. 21 at 4 p.m.

Northern Arizona Orthopaedics (NAO) proudly announces a free lecture open to the public, presented by joint specialists. Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis: What You Need To Know Join us for an informative afternoon to learn more about: The changes in your joints as you age Risk factors and symptoms Available treatment options If you are you a candidate for surgery Receive answers to your questions Both physicians will be onsite to answer your questions privately after the talk, as well. Your Speakers: Cody Martin, MD, Joint Repair and Replacement Surgeon Jamie Pearson, PA-C, Orthopaedic Physician Assistant Both experts practice the NAO Prescott Valley clinic location When and Where: Monday, Jan. 21 in the Clinic Lobby Doors open at 3:45 p.m. and Read More

Meet our provider, Amanda Matje, PA-C!

Meet Amanda. She is a Physician Assistant with Northern Arizona Orthopaedics and cares for patients in the Hand Center, inside the Summit Center. Amanda has a deep and wide breadth of knowledge surrounding the specialty of Hand and Upper Extremity care and appreciates helping treat patients as though they are family. We thought it would be fun to learn a little more about this exceptional and compassionate NAO provider! HOMETOWN?  Flagstaff! Born and raised! BUCKET LIST ITEM? To attend cooking school in Italy FAVORITE QUOTE?  “But still, like air, I’ll rise. – Maya Angelou IF YOU COULD MEED ANYONE? My Great-Grandma Frances, she was my moms’ favorite and I’m named after her. WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING? I’m leading Girl Scouts, being Read More

Meet our provider, Michael Browne, PA-C!

Meet Michael. He is a Physician Assistant with Northern Arizona Orthopaedics and cares for patients in Flagstaff Medical Center. His work as an orthopaedic provider is a bit unique in that he does not practice in clinic. Michael provides post-operative care to inpatients at the hospital. His goal for a quality patient outcome starts by ensuring the patient is safe, comfortable and has everything they need to begin the healing and recovery process successfully. Our surgeons and patients depend on Michael Brown’s expertise daily. Michael helped answer some fun questions for us! HOMETOWN?  Atlanta, Georgia BUCKET LIST ITEM? To kayak the Numbers Section of the Zambezi River in Africa FAVORITE QUOTE?  “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and Read More

Meet our provider, Jamie Pearson, PA-C!

Meet Jamie. Jamie Pearson, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics and practices in the Prescott Valley Clinic location. In addition to providing high-quality, value-based musculoskeletal care, our specialists enjoy getting to know their patients as much as patients enjoy getting to know them! Here are some fun facts about Jamie: HOMETOWN:  Lindstrom, Minnesota BUCKET LIST ITEM: To raft the Grand Canyon FAVORITE QUOTE: The Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. HOBBIES: Working on the house or yard, exploring AZ, and hanging out with family and friends DREAM VACATION:  To travel the Mediterranean CARE PHILOSOPHY AT NAO:  I enjoy being a good listener to my patients and allowing the time they need to help them Read More

Patient Education VIDEOS

Research a diagnosis, condition or ailment. View step-by-step surgeries and procedures. Conditions, treatments, procedures and step-by-step visuals of surgeries/procedures are available with this tool. Not only can you watch the videos, but if you have a printer, you can print a brochure to read later, or share the video with other people online or via email. Knowledge is key!  We want you to be an active participant in your care plan with Northern Arizona Orthopaedics, and these videos are a great way to learn about your options.

Hip Pain in Runners and Athletes – Could it be Bursitis?

By Dr. Brandon Clark, joint surgeon at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics (as previously posted in Flagstaff Business News, June 2018, Columnists section)   A common hip conditions that affect active people and athletes is bursitis. Bursae are small, jelly-like sacs that are located throughout the body.  They are found around the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and heel. They contain a small amount of fluid and are positioned between bones and soft tissues.  The act as cushions to help reduce friction between bony prominences and the nearly by ligaments and tendons.  There are two primary bursae in the hip that often become irritated and inflamed. One bursa covers the bony point of the outer hip bone; the other is located on the inside (groin Read More