NAO welcomes new Foot and Ankle Provider

“My commitment to my patients and their clinical experience develops from a personal philosophy about healthcare. I believe in shared decision making, ensuring each patient (and their family members) completely understand their condition, each treatment option available to them, and their lifestyle’s influence in which course of action to take for a successful outcome.” – Chris Diefenbach, M.D. Chris Diefenbach, M.D. Foot and Ankle, Arthroplasty Surgery of Ankle Dr. Christopher Diefenbach is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery. On Monday, Oct. 2, Dr. Diefenbachs begins practice in the Foot and Ankle Center at NAO. Considered a specialist in basic and complex conditions of the ankles and feet, Dr. Diefenbach provides diagnostic, non-surgical and surgical care Read More

Doctors Applauding Wide Awake Hand Surgery

  Until recently, most people who required minor hand surgery faced a “traditional” surgery experience: sedation or general anesthesia; no eating or drinking beforehand; pre-op tests such as blood work and EKGs; painful recovery from incisions and the use of a tourniquet; and hours in the hospital or surgery center before, during and after surgery. Fortunately, for many patients, the above scenario is no longer the case, as traditional surgery is making room for the WALANT – wide awake, local anesthesia, no tourniquet – procedure. WALANT allows a surgeon to perform the operation while the patient is awake. The surgeon uses a combination of medications – lidocaine and epinephrine – injected locally at the surgical site to numb the site Read More