ONLINE assessment tool to test your joint or back pain

Our convenient, private online survey will help you determine when it may be time to talk to a medical professional about your orthopaedic pain. Your individual results will print out in a report for you to share with your primary care doctor.

Start your Hip and Knee assessment 

If occasional Hip or Knee pain has become everyday pain, find out what’s causing the pain and what treatments might work to get you back on course. This online survey will test your pain and function in your joints. You deserve to learn the source and find out how you can back on the road to feeling better.








Start your Back and Neck assessment 

Back and neck pain can derail your life quickly if the pain becomes unmanageable. If your pain is becoming a source of confusion and you feel its time to possibly see a professional, take our online Spine assessment. The findings could point you in a good direction for a new start. It’s fast and easy. You can even print the results and share them with your primary care doctor.