Tim Fitch, PA-C

Tim Fitch, PA-C

I have always enjoyed disciplining the mind and body. I learned in youth though martial art training, the vulnerabilities of the musculoskeletal system. By realizing it’s is easier to break than to heal, I pursued a career in medicine, which taught me how to treat a problem. Yet people are not problems, and problems are but a fraction of a person’s entirety. To approach the entirety, I pursued the yogic path of a swami; as my desire to treat a person altruistically demanded that people be treated at all levels they can most benefit from; as health means wholeness. I take the proper time, I give authentic respect, and I take care in each encounter, because I can only accept that which is whole.

This is my nature, refined by my medical and yogic training and practices. I am excited to bring my wife and young teen to Flagstaff where we can be found enjoying what is natural; all the outdoor wonders offered by this region.

To my mind, satisfaction means disciplining the mind and body which equates to stilling the mind and body into samadhi; then bringing the samadhi into everyday life. This makes the ordinary become extra-ordinary, which is how I have fun, and how I realize all to be ineffable and thus divine.

Tim has a special interest in spine care and provides general orthopaedic care in NAO’s walk-in clinic Urgent Ortho.

“Wow! What a pleasure to find a talent like Tim. Talk about the ultimate bedside manner, wow – Tim is an extraordinary asset to your team. I’ll be telling everyone what an amazing team you have – from the front counter to Tim – what an unexpected great day I had!” – Urgent Ortho patient 10/5/17

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