Our Pain Wellness clinic is designed for your patients who are motivated by self-care and open to the available treatments, beyond medication therapy. 
Opioids are not always the only answer – the patient’s participation in learning and applying holistic wellness therapies to their daily life are paramount too. I’d love for PCPs to consider our clinic for pain patients before prescribing opioids.
Michelle Boyer, PA-C, Pain Wellness Clinic provider
Our team will help guide your patients on ways to:
  •  Improve their pain coping skills
  •  Optimize function in daily living
  • Participate in lifestyle adjustments
  • Enhance feelings of well being
  • Make improvements to quality of life

While medications may be an inevitable part of treatment, we feel it should not be the sole modality or primary focus of medical treatment.

What type of patient IS APPROPRIATE to refer to the Pain Wellness Clinic?
  • Those who are willing to participate in various treatment options for pain, not only relying on medications
  • Patients accepting an active role and responsibility for self-care in the management of their pain
What type of patient IS NOT appropriate to refer to the Pain Wellness Clinic?
  • Any patient specifically seeking only opioid management
  • Significant psych disorders, ex. Schizophrenia, suicidal, addictive disorders, etc.
  • History of drug, prescription or alcohol abuse within the last 2 years
  • Opioid dosing > 120 milliequivalent morphine (unless the patient desires and agrees to reduction)
  • Suboxone management
  • Medicinal marijuana use (if opioids are part of care plan)
What should PROVIDERS know before referring a patient for their first, initial visit to our clinic?
  • A REFERRAL is necessary.
  • It is an evaluation only visit.
  • There are no medications, including opioids, prescribed on first visit.
  • Our provider will determine if the patient is appropriate for the Pain Wellness Clinic.
  • Please include any pertinent records with referral (or have patient hand carry) dealing with the causes of pain, treatments, evaluations, previous pain management, etc.
  • NAO scheduling will instruct the patient on the time to arrive for their visit. Patients must arrive at that time or they will need to be rescheduled.
  • What should YOUR PATIENT know before their first visit to our clinic?
  • Patients must be aware of the first-visit protocols above.
  • Patients should have appropriate expectations.
  • Patients must complete intake and screening tools.
  • Please have patient visit this website, NorthAZortho.com for clinic information, contracted insurances, registration forms, etc.
  • Patients must arrive at the time instructed or they risk being rescheduled.

Pain Wellness Clinic Provider Profile

Michelle Boyer, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Pain Wellness Clinic
Michelle serves under the medical supervision of John Ledington, M.D.


  • University of North Carolina, University Honors Program
  • Northern Virginia Community College, Associate Degree in Science, Biology
  • Nova Southeastern University, Bachelor of Science, Master’s Degree, Public Health

Michelle is one of Northern Arizona’s providers skilled in the comprehensive management of chronic pain. Considered a pain specialist, Michelle has more than 17 years combined experience in pain medicine, neurological care and spine care. Her care philosophy centers on a pure connection with each patient with the intention of empowering them to take a meaningful role in their own care.

To make a referral, please download our Referral Form and fax to: 928-774-7767.


For information on our Pain Wellness Clinic for patients, please visit the webpage HERE.