The Pain Wellness Clinic is a pain management care service inside the Summit Center. After your doctor provides you a REFERRAL to this clinic, it is very important that you read this information before scheduling an appointment with us.

Opioids are not always the only answer – a patient’s participation in learning and applying holistic wellness therapies to their daily life are paramount too. I’d love for you and your doctor to consider this clinic for pain before prescribing this type of pain medication. Michelle Boyer, PA-C, Pain Wellness Clinic provider

Our team will help guide you to:

  • Improve your pain coping skills
  • Optimize function in daily living
  • Participate in lifestyle adjustments
  • Enhance feelings of wellbeing
  • Make improvements to quality of life

While medications may be an inevitable part of treatment, it is not the primary focus of medical treatment in the Pain Wellness Clinic.

Am I an APPROPRIATE patient for the Pain Wellness Clinic?

  • You must have a referral from your provider
  • Your provider must read through our provider information (click here) to determine if you are an appropriate patient for this clinic
  • You must be willing to participate in various treatment options for pain, and not only rely solely on medications
  • You must accept an active role and responsibility for self-care in the management of your pain

What type of patient IS NOT appropriate to refer to the Pain Wellness Clinic?

  • Any patient specifically seeking ONLY opioid management
  • Patients with significant psychological disorders
  • History of drug, prescription or alcohol abuse within the last 2 years
  • Patients currently using opioids; we will determine if they are appropriate
  • Patients currently using medicinal marijuana; we will determine if they are appropriate

First visit protocols for the Pain Wellness Clinic:

  • A REFERRAL is necessary.
  • It is an evaluation-only visit.
  • There are no medications, including opioids, prescribed on the first visit.
  • Northern Arizona Orthopaedics will determine if you are a good fit for the Pain Wellness Clinic.
  • Please bring with you, any pertinent records with referral dealing with the causes of pain, treatments, evaluations, previous pain management, etc.
  • NAO scheduling will instruct you on the exact time to arrive for your visit. Patients must arrive at that time or they will need to be rescheduled.
  • You must complete the intake and screening tools.

Pain Wellness Clinic Provider Profile

Michelle Boyer, PA-C
Michelle Boyer, PA-C profile HERE