Northern Arizona Orthopaedics COVID-19 Policy

Dear Treasured Patients,

We at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics are committed to excellence in healthcare and providing the best outcomes for our patients.

With the CDC recommendation that the public should be wearing cloth masks, it is important we continue to keep our staff and patients safe. If you are a patient coming into a Northern Arizona Orthopaedics clinic for a visit of any kind, you are required to bring your own mask to wear. You may use any type of cloth, as long as it covers your mouth and nose.

In light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019, we want to provide the following recommendations.

In order to reduce the risk of potential exposure, we are restricting those who can accompany patients to their appointments to the following:

  • Guardians of minors
  • Caregivers of disabled patients
  • Translators

If you currently have a non-urgent appointment OR ANY of the below conditions, our schedulers will need to reschedule your appointment by 14 days:

  • You are experiencing flu-like symptoms including a fever of 100.4 or greater, and cough or shortness of breath; OR
  • You have traveled to a high risk country (China, Iran, Italy, South Korea) in the last 14 days; OR
  • You have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

If any of the above apply to you, and you have an URGENT condition, such as recent surgery, recent trauma, or uncontrolled pain and swelling, please call our office during business hours at 1.928.226.2900 for further evaluation and instruction.

Thank you for trusting Northern Arizona Orthopaedics. We want to make sure that we provide you with the safest care possible.

If you need to postpone or cancel an upcoming appointment, please call 1.928.226.2900 to speak with a team member.