Thank you for trusting us with your patients – we look forward to being a partner in their care and the success of your practice. 

Our Services:

Phone Numbers for Providers

On the QGenda link to the NAO Weekly Schedule (emailed each Monday to all PCPs), the cell phone numbers for each NAO physician is displayed. Or you can call Carrie Butler, Provider Relations at 928-226-2936 to request specific cell numbers.

Referral Coordinator

Our Referral Coordinator, Elaina Nunez, will help schedule your referred patients in with the right specialists.

  • 928-226-2916 Referral Coordinator phone
  • 928-226-3070 Referral Coordinator fax

Downloadable Provider Referral Forms

Other helpful numbers

  • 928-226-2950 Health Information / Medical Records
  • 928-226-2950 Patient Portal Information and login assistance
  • 928-226-2916 Workers’ Comp
  • 928-774-7757 Main Scheduling

Northern Arizona Orthopaedics hopes to be the ortho practice of choice for you and your patients. To do that, we need to continuously improve. If you have a suggestion on how we can do better, or would like to share an experience, please contact Carrie Butler, Provider Relations at 928-226-2936.

NAO’s Specialty Centers and Teams

Practicing providers at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics