Northern Arizona Orthopaedics Now Offering Telehealth Appointments

In an effort to provide continued care to our treasured patients, Northern Arizona Orthopaedics has begun utilizing telehealth, when appropriate, based on your specific injury or condition, and in accordance with the federal government guidance and recommendations during the COVID-19 national emergency.

If you have a new injury, or an existing appointment, we encourage you to call us to determine if you are a candidate for our Telehealth Program. This allows you to be seen by one of Northern Arizona Orthopaedics’s expert providers from the comfort of your home. The process to connect to your provider is easy and if you want to use our Telehealth Program, please call 1.928.226.2900 to let our team know.

Telehealth appointments are scheduled and occur using an easy-to-use application called ZOOM. Through ZOOM, Northern Arizona Orthopaedics can connect with you using a smart phone, tablet or computer with audio/visual capability.

Given concerns for privacy issues as well as network related issues, it is important that you are not in a public place at the time of your appointment and preferably at home where it is quiet and private.


If any questions or concerns arise, please call Northern Arizona Orthopaedics at 1.928.226.2900.