A broken bone, or fracture, can be very painful and traumatic. A break may indicate a problem bone loss or brittle bones. This is called osteoporosis. The Arthritis and Fracture Care Center hosts an expert team of surgeons and PAs, skilled in helping investigate and treat the effects of aging bones. The team even provides care and education to prevent further damage.

Bone Health Clinic

NAO’s Bone Health Clinic a part of the Arthritis and Fracture Care Center, is designed for those needing to improve their bone health. If signs show you have osteoporosis, our team will help determine the cause and details about your specific condition. One of the ways we do this is by running a bone-density test on a bone densitometer (DEXA scan). Your doctor can order one. We use only state-of-the-art DEXA equipment, in a comfortable and friendly office environment.The test is quick (10 minutes) and painless, and only requires you remove your shoes.

The Bone Health Clinic also offers continued osteoporosis support and therapy, such as yearly bone scans, nutritional information, exercises and education.

Orthopaedic Trauma

Orthopaedic Trauma is a branch of orthopaedics that involves treating bones, joints and soft tissues injured from a traumatic incident. The majority of trauma treatment involves healing fractured bones. At Northern Arizona Orthopaedics, we have doctors who specialize in rapidly responding and treating trauma in emergency situations. More specifically, Dr. Brandon Clark, primarily cares for patients in traumatic situations who have had major fractures of large bones and major joint areas.

Flagstaff Medical Center’s Trauma Services has partnered with NAO to ensure all trauma patients are cared for immediately. There is always a surge on call, 24/7, to ensure all Northern Arizona trauma patients receive the critical care they need.