Hip Care

What causes hip pain? A simple question that requires a thoughtful answer from a care provider you can trust. Truth is, there are many types of hip conditions affecting people of varying lifestyles. Two of the most common are:

  • Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones, usually affects those over age 50, and can lead to hip fractures. For younger, more active people, hip pain comes from damaged cartilage, scar tissue, a labral tear or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).
  • Osteoarthritis is common with aging baby boomers and seniors and is basically “wear and tear” in the hip joint, which causes cartilage loss. Many of the more severe cases of hip pain may not get better with non-surgical treatments (such as physical therapy) and may require a surgical hip procedure.

In the Arthritis and Fracture Care Center, our surgeons are experts in understanding your hip joint. Through accurate examination and imaging, such as Xray and MRI, these physicians will pinpoint the exact source of hip joint pain, and determine the right course of personalized treatment for you. The goal is to restore function and ease the pain, allowing you to regain a quality of life again.

What are my surgical options for hip pain?

  • Our surgeons are trained in computer-assisted and minimally invasive technologies, ensuring patients recover faster and with less tissue damage. Options may include hip revision or total hip replacement surgeries, including techniques such as anterior hip approach. Watch videos of the leading types of hip surgeries our surgeons perform below.
  • Other sources of pain, such as labrum (cartilage) tears, articular cartilage or tissue damage around the joint, may only need hip arthroscopy (video), a more conservative approach to treatment. This low-invasive surgical technique is considered advanced in the orthopaedic line of medicine and growing technologies. Hip arthroscopy involves a camera (endoscope) being inserted through tiny incisions at the hip, and surgical tools used to shave down rough areas, remove excess scar tissue, smooth and clean out the hip joint. Recovery is much faster and easier than traditional joint replacement surgery. You can find a video of this procedure below.

Hip surgery videos


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Healing a Champion

Bella Naughton suffered a fractured hip and with the help of Dr. Bourck Cashmore at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics, was able to win the national championship just six months after her surgery.